America Can rebound to something great

The country as a whole is dominated by diversity in the popular culture. It is in fact a possibility if we pull ourselves out of the echo chamber of selfishness and focus on the big picture we can set ourselves up to achieve even greater things than our past could ever achieve. What it will take is to drop the romanticism of a time gone. To put down the cosplay of antiquated ideas and quit playing dress up. To put down the idea that it was better then and to pick up the possibility that it can be better than it ever was. It will take you, yes you who are reading this to look at the demographics of your neighbor as a strength and not a hindrance to your own success. To see them as your counterpart and not your enemy.

A country is made up of its citizens. To deny rights and opportunities to contribute you are wreaking the possibilities of the present and damning the future. To do so would break the strength you could embrace and manifest as a unit. American life can be great when all have the same opportunities to learn and contribute. When you strategically sabotage your neighbors you are hurting yourself in the long run. You end up consumed with ideas of supreme culture over subservient ones. You fail to realize your dreams and spiral into the abyss of messenger boards and hate speak. You tune into false ideas from unverified sources and you spiral out of control.

I believe we are better than what I have seen over the past 16 years and more recently in the past four. We should not be destroying our democracy to gain favor. We should be rebuilding it. We can live up to the promise of our constitution to make American a fair union that can set the example for the rest of the world. We have delayed fulfilling the promises of our constitution for far too long. We have allowed small groups to control how our children are educated. We have decided to teach only the side of history that romanticize and not the downsides. We glorify violence and cover it with the name of God and we carry on like it is ok. It is not!

I believe we can learn from what we have done and we can learn from how damaging the ideas are that push white supremacy. The idea itself is allowed to thrive because it is unchecked. Now you have all non white groups being target by spoiled children who never grew up because they we never corrected. Worse they were taught to behave this way. If you are a parent you know not to spoil your child because it send the wrong subconscious message that they can do no wrong and that they are somehow entitled. What you see now is a tantrum from a misguided child play out on the world stage. The idea of white supremacy is misguiding and its damaging to all who believe in such a fallacy. It has now created reckless children who will burn down their own home in a fit of rage if they do not get their needs met.

To correct this we will have to first be honest with the past. We will have to trust that finally telling the truth will be better in the long run. I believe this can only help us from continuing this path of self destruction. The outside world see and hear what we are going through. This is not the past where we can alter the history books. The world is watching and the are recording everything. The truth is transparent now! No matter how right wing or left wing spin it it is transparent. Only those who subscribe to opinions over facts are susceptible of the chaos, but this who fact check are not. No they are victims of the opinion mob.

We fix this by making sure all opinions give a total account and that they are true. Opinion news now blur the line of news and opinion that the uneducated fall for the truck every time. We need to check the messengers. That is how we fix American life. In my opinion!

A father, husband, Christian, Sociologist, and Historian. Writer at night and Digital content creator and Marketer by day.

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