In Hindsight A Reckoning with Truth: 2020 Was A Year of Revelations

Photo by Kenneth Carpina from Pexels

The year is 2020 AD and America came face to face with itself. The line drawn in the sand, prior January 6th, 2021, was a faint boundary. An actuality of the reality to many but when brought up in conversation in diverse company it was often evaded. Whether in private or on the world stage such as the NFL sidelines’, the right-wing media would often gaslight and frustrate those attempting to shed light on the issues in our society.

Those who sat back and pretended that we lived in a perpetual state of harmony something of a utopia were awakened to a truth of what is vs. What they wanted it to be. They picked up their markers and poster boards and the marched, they protested, and they fought against a system of hatred and oppression. Meanwhile those who prefer to grow fat on the status quo spined and denied the truth that presented itself. They too marched, protested, waved flags of hate and support for institutions that need reform, and for treasonous separatist of the confederate. They wore their hatred proudly for 4 years and felt a sense of agency to make one last move to install themselves into the fabric of our future. By marching into the US capitol and causing destruction, creamy mayhem, and murder.

This sort of thing is white privilege living itself out. This is romanticism of breathing the dragon breath of that which they hold close. Their pride, their freedom to harm and to cheat the race of life with this idea of superiority and pureness. There is nothing pure about mankind let alone a given Kline or group. We are of one flesh and one earth and we are accountable to original sin. The idea in of itself is vain and not above correction. This idea of supremacy comes as no surprise to those who have been dealing with the blunt end of that old sword. However, what we do know is that those who benefited from it refused to acknowledge it because it gives them a social advantage. An advantage that is hard for them to relinquish.

They may have not been outright racist, and they are even willing to go as far as to have a social group that is diverse and welcoming. They are inviting in a sense. However, there are two sides to the racial dynamics in our society. There is the overt and disgusting and there is the bench warmer who benefits from just being on the team even if they are not active players. They too get the trophy and the benefits that come with the wins. Well, they too must wear this tragic terrorizing of our country. Because their implicit complicity is what allowed it.

White America has now come to the mirror and they now see themselves. Some have begun the process of soul searching and looking for way they can impact their own families and friends to begin the process of reconciliation. Many on the other hand choose to remain the same, complicit, or blatantly racist. For all of that, they turn on their favorite spin channel over at Fox News and they await their version of reality so they can sleep at night. I know people like this personally, I have dinner with these people, lunch, and business meetings. They reveal themselves through their subtle micro aggressions and prejudices.

For the social misconduct of what is correct. We have a broken system of people that prefer the status quo. They are not open to change because they truly fear that that change will take away their advantage. Some will admit that is exactly their motivative for fighting to maintain the status quo. Others a bit more covert. This is not to say that all white American are this way and that they do not seek harmony. That would be a blatant lie and it is one that is perpetuated all too often.

Allow me to be clear. 70 million plus Americans are in denial or in support of the status quo, and they ignore the effects of this disparaging issue, but rest assured Just as many more that see it for what it is and want change. They want a world that does not have constant tension and violence. A world of heart break; due to disinformation and evil agendas. They know we have a long way to go but they are willing to get the ball rolling in the right direction. Today marks the start of a long mission as President Joseph R. Biden will spear head a mind shift for our country. However, he is not the only one. It is up to us the people to open our eyes. To hold the right-wing media accountable for the way they spin the truth. We have the right to free speech, but we need to hold them accountable to integrity. To assure that the speech maintains the value of true ethics. That those who speak are held accountable to the test of authenticity with fact check.

There is a virus in our country that has duplicated itself over the last five centuries. It has caused more harm to the mental wellbeing of the people it has symbiotically attached to. It has caused the same people to lose their way. To kill. To rape. To hinder those who do not have the illness. It permeates in the pours of American life; through social norms, verbal teachings, historical fiction known as social studies in the education system, it is pushed in the media as a narrative that those who seek change and rights under the law are the problem, through stereotypes, negative portraits, opinion columns and nighttime panels. It is a purposeful brainwashing to make the systemic racial issue seem even more normal. So much so that if you are infected you can’t see it and/or don’t care to.

What those who suffer from racist thinking don’t know. They have placed themselves in a noose. They are choked off from the true opportunity to be a part of the human fabric. The tapestry is created in the image of the highest. since Cain, this thinking has disabled the possibility of what humanity could truly become.

To cure it. The vaccine is in the form of truth and honesty about it having been put in place to begin with. To be honest about where it started, where it exists and what damages it has caused and will cause if we do not tend to it. This is not just an American issue. This is a European issue in which those who prescribe to this line of thinking have allowed themselves to grow socially fat, while becoming spiritually famished. They have lynched themselves out of truth and integrity. Morally corrupting their offspring for centuries. This idea may have begun with the intention to get rich and explore, but the residue conquest what the ideas of subhuman existence that permeated from the top of the church, through the monarchy and into the minds of the citizens that still exist today. To fix it we need to reverse engineer the social structure and request apologies from the top of the Church on down.

Not just a simple apology but. To admit that their ancestors have lied to fatten wealth while creating a nightmare for those who did not look like them. To admi that it was all a brainwash to take advantage of people that they had no emotional connections or relation to. To use for free labor and to comit genocide and displacement to gain control of what they set out to conquer. To admit that they told the lie so their countrymen and women could sleep at night and not question the sanctity of their egregious actions abroad and at home. For the greenlight handed down by the Vatican at the start or this to the evangelicals and the so-called religious freedom seekers who benefited from the tyranny. An apology is the only way to begin the healing process of us country. A country is a sum of its people and if some of those people are being mistreated by the vast majority then the country is committing slow suicide.

A father, husband, Christian, Sociologist, and Historian. Writer at night and Digital content creator and Marketer by day.

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