Nature: We Rise and Fall with It

Photo by ArtHouse Studio from Pexels

We have corrupted the human experience with our human desires. We are failing to realize our mortality we are living with this idea that we are somehow immortal. It is only when we accept that mortality, we all share; that we will begin to become something greater. Life is a series of events waiting to happen and within our finite wisdom, we work hard to create experiences that we will never genuinely enjoy. Working hard to gain control over another person while allowing our own souls to diminish. Instead of offering service to the betterment of the world, we inhabit it with an overwhelming intent to strip it apart for financial gain. We are taking out more than we can ever put back.

We view everything from minerals to people as resources. We drain everything and are incapable of recreating organic stability. We build from what we have destroyed never matching the excellence of the nature that existed prior to our arrival. From coats and skyscrapers, fine jewels and fast cars, bottles of water, and fuel to drive our greed. However, have we stopped to consider that children of tomorrow? Our offspring will inhabit this land you care so little for. Sacred land that is to be respected has been raped and abused for a profit.

Very few of us are left to digest organic substances. Lab altered or created, manipulated, or cloned. The balance of life has shifted. Extinction has happened before. But to what extent are we pushing the needle forward faster than it would have moved on its own. Paradoxically we have subdued natured to control our environment and nature's response will be to either return the favor or die off entirely.

This message is an intervention; resting in the hopes that the message circumvents the world. We cannot go forward into the future blindfolded. We must take control now before it is too late. I am not talking about melting ice; I am speaking about the whole that is us that is of this earth. For too long we have taken for granted the earth. That we can take from nature whatever we please and not put back. Our mortal frames are from the dust and to that dust we shall return. We are of the earth and the earth is us.

We are tasked to take care of our homes and yet we wage war on it and against those who were naturally placed to inhabit their native lands. War in the name of rights, who’s rights and the rights to do what? To subjugate the lands and the peoples to a form of building your own wealth. Question. Have you ever considered that you are paying for what was already free? Water has been all but destroyed but remains highly undrinkable without man made filtration systems. Organic Vegetation has been manipulated! Livestock piled into tight spaces and forced to await their turn; while stewing in disease that are resulting of the conditions they are forced to endure in their brief life.

We are consuming the earth in an unhealthy manner. How much longer can we sustain this way of life? It is as if mankind is in a race to beat God to the apocalypse. From weapons that can wipe out entire civilizations at the push of a button. From bio born illness that can shut down our way of life in a matter of months. We need to rethink our existence. Slow down and figure out how to reboot the system so that it can function more efficiently. The short team effects may be devastating to the way of life, but the long-term benefits may offset the damage caused thus far.

A father, husband, Christian, Sociologist, and Historian. Writer at night and Digital content creator and Marketer by day.

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