Problems in society is our Creation

An Honest account of the Past is our only remedy.

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The world is more connected than ever. With the increasing number of social tools online we have created a world were opportunity it ripe to learn from others. If we can now take the same tools or recreate those tools to assure that trusted sources are sharing information, we can close the gap that the same tools have widened.

With access, you would think this would have created a world where we are beginning to understand each other. That somehow, we would be increasing the peace in society. However, as always, we have generated silos within these tools, we have decided to only engage in topics that make us comfortable, and we only interact with information that suits our preconceived ideas. Just for a moment think of all those who seek to create an environment that can affect positive change for all parties involved. An environment that is free from unidentified players who use disinformation, prejudice, racism, sexism, and classism to cause disharmony and discourse. A ripple effect that the only end goal that appears clear is to maintain the status quo for political and social gain.

On January 6th 2021 on the day that the electoral college is set to certify the election for now President Joe Biden. A group of men and women who claim to be patriots stormed our nation's capital to tear apart our democracy to push action in favor of thier beliefs and alternate version of history. These men and women are products of the dangers of disinformation and the chasing of status quo. It is their need for racial status that became the magnet for the disinformation. Without the need the disinformation campaign would have needed a different strategy.

The need to remain part of the social hierarchy is the life blood of their patriotic chants. However, patriotism is a cover for white supremacy and its core beliefs. Since America is founded upon the systems. It places this nice to have in the realm of creature comforts that many find it hard to give up. This is that thing they are fighting so hard to put back into place in its full glory. It was quite easy to disguise the language used in the public forum with just the right amount of dog whistling to let the dogs hear. The dogs have responded in their echo chamber online just shy of decade.

Those dog whistles are not hard to hear even if they are not meant for you. They are usually accompanied with disparaging comments that identify what preceded it. It is the same for the American flag and who is flying one. If the flag is accompanied by another flag that creates a division among the population of these here united states. There is a strong chance the flag or symbol is one the identifies with an oppressive or segregation motive that has deadly implication if allowed to go unchecked.

After January 6th, 2021, it is hard for these men and women to say that are not Anti America as it stands today. They are the same men and women who want to take your citizenship and chuck it. To devalue your humanity and subjugate you to their will and whatever that entails. They believe in a lie that they lose out on their liberty and freedoms. No true at all. The storming of the capitol has proven just how much freedom they have. They were able to storm it and receive support at the same time until enough was enough. That is privilege. A freedom to not be deemed a threat even though you are. Let’s a Black person or a woman protest, and they would have the national guard on deck before the first picket sign is raised. Rubber bullets and riot shields would have be deployed before anyone had the opportunity to put their feet on a desk or erect a noose to threaten then sitting VP Mike Pence.

This is what happens when we are consumed with ideas and concepts and in many cases false facts? We become walled off from the society we inhabit. We become narrow in our thinking and project this limited thinking in our lives. To be on the receiving end of narrow-minded thinking can and will lead to frustration. After the frustration comes alternate understanding of the world you live in. Alternative ideas of reality can derail an otherwise fruitful interaction with a neighbor. It causes many of the tensions we see in our media reports. It is designed by these outlets and then in a full 24/7 rotation reported or commented on. The ideas have spread misinformation, which has generated a false sense of oppression that has, in turn, created an oppressive social structure. Within that structure, you still must interact in the current social structure in one form or another. When this happens, you see events that take a negative turn. Events that could have remained positive, fruitful, and at the very least amicable.

We now live in a construct of manipulated thought. Fead by emotion and bad education. Along with fear and the deep history of this country that may never begin down the path that Germany has taken at the end of the war to make things right on paper as well as in public forum. We have learned nothing from societies that have learned to apologize for the temperament and moral code of past leadership. If we continue to not get down to the root of this problem which is in our educational systems, this multi headed dragon will continue to rise from its slumber until one day it consumes us all.

A father, husband, Christian, Sociologist, and Historian. Writer at night and Digital content creator and Marketer by day.

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