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The significance of the worldwide movement to change the American justice system is not an overnight conception designed to cause anarchy. It’s quite the opposite. Anarchy already exists in our society. It lives and is dressed up as order and enforced with a specific target in mind while freeing itself to govern itself on different principles. The system is inherently designed to rain down pain on the disenfranchised, which includes the lower classes, the brown, and darker brown people of the nation. Out of this group the bullseye’s rest solely on the backs, foreheads, torsos, and necks of the darker skin inhabitants of this planet. For too long, the nation has done very little to nothing to reform the systems it has created and injected into our society to police the black existence. The only time a man that is not of African, Latino, or Asian descent is placed under a microscope is after he has committed an outwardly criminal act such as pedophilia, mass shooting, or white-collar crime. Even then he is escorted to jail unharmed and given a chance to clear his name or accept his crimes without his blood being shed before a trial. He is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Even if he is found guilty it does not cause a systemic trickle that places all white men in harm's way in the eyes of those who are paid to protect them. Why? Because it is set up that way.

Go to any grocery store in a white community, make a purchase, and leave peacefully after purchasing your goods. More often than not; if you have been there long enough, a squad car will be out front or nearby awaiting you just in case you shoplifted. The management of these stores in these white communities has a tendency to alert the police whenever they see fit(which Is abuse). This creates more unrealistic ideas that black people are there to steal. Take the case of the school teacher who had the cops called on her for using a legitimate coupon at the Dollar General. These types of slights against Black society is why I have noticed how anarchy has existed. It is a tyrannical order imposed on a segment of the human race. It is done with raging panache, in neat suits, manager name plates, and badged uniforms. A power handed to men who have infiltrated this order who now carry out their mission to imprison or murder the black existence.

American Life for the black community is traumatic. It is living in a constant state of fear, an acute stress disorder to be exact. There is no post-trauma because it has not stopped, it is an ongoing state of discomfort that is the result of race-based abuse inflicted by law enforcement, social interaction, from shopping in stores, walking along the street and passing by a white woman that clutches her purse, because she was trained to see you as scum. This also includes the miseducation in the black communities, that create education disparity. That perpetuates the cycles of crimes that has illustrated the ghettos of America.

I’m sure you have heard the term innocent until proven guilty? However, for the black community, it is reversed and much more extreme. You are guilty until confirmed dead. Then and only then you will no longer foot the blame and labeled a threat. However, it is passed on to the next person, and then their offspring and whoever carries the mark of dark skin or any inherited African feature. The cycle never ends.

What we have seen in the past decade is that the system is being televised. The curtain has been pulled back. The players are front and center. Their archaic rules have been exposed for what it is and for who they are that carry out these atrocities on humanity. Contrary to their self-imposed beliefs blacks are part of humanity. No man is superior by default of skin tone. That is fiction that was supported by advanced weapons. It is a false sense of being that is fractured at its core. If one is superior it would not try to diminish life around him, for he would be comfortable in his supreme position without exerting further force. If force is your way of proving superiority you have lied to yourself. Superman can fly but that is only in the comics. This idea of superiority is comical and damaging. No man is superior that is pseudoscience supported by qwack scientist with an aggressive agenda to further global occupation.

The type of atrocities that cause unnecessary tension in the fabric of social order are awakening the complicit. Many are now waking from the slumber their privilege has afforded them. I personally thank these souls, with emphasis on their mental capacity to see things for what they are. They are speaking up and have taken up the responsibility to highlight the injustices that have ruined any chance at utopia. They know there are much bigger problems headed our way if we don't quell this now we will have marched the trojan horse in ourselves.

It is to say it plainly: Tyranny on people of color.

Now we hear the quips about how much peaceful protest is respected. That’s just not true. If it were Colin Kapernick would still have a job and we may have been able to avoid this point in time. By booting Kapernick you gave the system the green light to continue business as usual. The system did not fear repercussions because there were none. It sounds like anarchist tyranny. Sort of organized chaos that has a specific target, while freeing itself from the same rules it has designed to govern with. The same system that is supported by our current administration during their campaign rallying and bully-footing across the campaign trail. Never has a current leader been more boastful towards a group than this. To call players in the NFL “sons of bitches”, is disrespectful and confirms its lack of empathy and understanding on all levels towards people of color. That was a peaceful protest on that sideline. That was a man finding a platform to say one simple and universal idea. That man should be judged by their character and processed accordingly, and not murdered without just cause. No one asked to end law enforcement or to disrespect the American flag. That was a narrative cooked up by right-wing media to suit its own purpose. What it was and has remained was a protest against police brutality and the perpetrator getting off scot-free. This is painful to see. Imagine my white brother, that it was your child that was murdered in his own neighborhood or your father in front of you, while you sat in the back seat, or your sister who allegedly committed suicide in jail(Sandra Bland) with a garbage bag around her neck. How would you get a garbage bag inside a jail cell? Did she cook dinner and needed to take out the trash? How would you feel if this happens around you to people that look like you so often it is normalized and goes unpunished?

When Colin Kaepernick took a knee, it was an opportunity to address the cause like human beings then. It was an opportunity to begin the healing process by creating a more inclusive environment to discuss the issue(s) that prompted the man to risk his fortune, image, and career. A man that I might add worked his ass off to obtain such a highly sought after position in American sports. A QB in the NFL, a black one at that. For out of 32 teams he was one of the few in a highly coveted position that historically is held by a white player. The odds were already stacked against him to continue his career even with wins under his belt. It took a commitment to something greater than that. It had only one reward if it were heeded and that was the overhaul of the justice system and it’s players to be fair and just towards all that found themselves in its grips without special or horrific treatment due to the color of one's skin. That was the ask! The response received was violent rhetoric that fueled the creation of tacky soundbites, t-shirts, and bumper stickers, that did nothing more than pore gas on the fire by giving hatred another blind eye to look out of.

Instead what we as a society received were rallying cries that changed the narrative to something that it was not. The message was washed in dirty water, rinsed in hatred, and pissed and recycled as something that is was not. It was a message of love and desire to live in a land of the free with the same governing rules as the majority. To live with the same opportunities to make it home at night and to be judged justly.

Kaepernick is a national treasure to those who believe in true and fair justice. He is the kind of man that put aside his own dreams and goals to fight for justice peacefully. So you can’t be a hypocrite now. You say you respect peaceful protest. When it is clear you do not. It is clear you still don’t get it. The best thing you could have done is to apologize for your hate-filled response and error. Now you do not get to pretend that you did not have the power to support it when you did.

True reconciliation begins with the aggressor apologizing for the things said and done within any relationship. then by backing it up with actions that cement your apology as sincere with no loopholes or clauses that open you open to commit the crime again. If you support peaceful protest first begin by apologizing to those who started with that method and then begin the reconciliation processed by having a real sit down and taking the request for fairness serious and begin the process of implementation.

Peace. Love. Respect. May God be with us all who have a human heartbeat. God Bless America for what it can be and should be for all of humanity. To remember that racism is not patriotism, but a self righteous stance to enforce unjust cause and laws. Let us begin the healing process by creating a unified society that can make up for it’s past and move towards a better tomorrow. To guide the world by practicing what it preaches. To remember true Patriots who bleed for us of African decent as well as white, brown, and whatever you want to label them. Amen.

***Update Friday June 5th, 2020 Roger Goodell has acknowledged and apologized on behalf of the NFL for it’s reaction to the peacful protest on the sidelines.

This is a start. God Bless us all!

A father, husband, Christian, Sociologist, and Historian. Writer at night and Digital content creator and Marketer by day.

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